Embodied transformation

> 50 %

of women in tech leave the industry by the midpoint of their career

22 %

of tech roles are owned by women

70 %

of women feel they need to work harder and prove themselves because of their gender

Source: the McKinsey Study Women in tech: The best bet to solve Europe’s talent shortage published in January 2023

Work with the body to change the mind.

Tools & Strategies

You'll learn tools and strategies to navigate a male-dominated environment. Be strategic and visible to get lined up for your next stretch project.

Habits & Routines

We will look at your habits and routines and see which support you and which don't. We'll also create new supporting ones.


Communication is key to making your value visible to others. We will identify ways of communicating your value that feel natural to you.

Body & Breath

We will work with the body and the breath to release limiting beliefs and build confidence.

Supporting women in AI through embodied transformation

Why and what does it mean?

Now what does embodied transformation have to do with all of this? Everything - we only really transform ourselves and our lives if we embody our new set of believes, goals, intentions, whatever it may be - only if we really feel that what we want is true, possible and right for us. Transformation does not happen in the head, it happens in the body and the whole nervous system. We need to actually feel it to believe it. Not just to convince ourselves but also to communicate it to the outer world, not just verbally but most importantly through our body language. And we all know words only account for 7 % of communication, 55 % is nonverbal and 38 % is vocal (University of Texas Permian Basin).

We start with the mind setting new goals, beliefs, intentions and then we work with the body to feel and embody this new truth. Not convinced yet that this is necessary? Think about imposter syndrome. Does the feeling of inadequacy and maybe even inferiority simply go away once you hear about the concept? It certainly did not for me. Only through the combination of looking at my track record of achievements and working with my body through breath, affirmation and sound did I really feel more confident and competent - also in situations where I used to get very nervous and be overwhelmed by imposter feelings.

Does this resonate with you? Do you want to actually get rid of your limiting beliefs and adopt positive ones about yourself?
You can work with me in 1/1 coaching sessions. I am also working on a 6-week mentoring program, if you are interested sign up here.

Let's get to know each other!

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